Physicians from UT Southwestern Medical Center will be on site during the Miles Against Melanoma event on November 2 to provide free screenings for skin cancer.  To reserve your spot or for more information, please call 1-888-980-6050 or send an email to our  Cancer Answer Line.

Jennifer Lemmo


Jennifer Lemmo is the Director of Miles Against Melanoma 5k North Texas.

As a child, I spent a lot of time outdoors not using sunscreen on a regular basis. At a young age after a day at the pool I had my first severe sunburn which developed blisters and pits across my shoulders. When I became a teenager and even into my young adult life, I used tanning beds on a regular basis, without considering the damage it could cause. Consequently enough, the local tanning salon was a “social” hangout for me and my friends.

My life has been forever changed by this diagnosis and feel extremely grateful and blessed with my outcome which is why I find it so important to share my story and raise awareness stressing the dangers of skin cancer and the importance of seeing a dermatologist on a regular basis.

Michelle Kierein

Assistant Director

Hello, I am Michelle Kierein, a melanoma cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma when I was only 24 years old. This is a rare type of melanoma that occurs in the eyeball. It was a malignant tumor in the back of my left eye. As a result I had to have my left eye removed, so now I live with a prosthetic eye. I have been so blessed that it has not spread, and I am very healthy almost 11 years later!

Morgan Lawley

Assistant Director

My name is Morgan and I was diagnosed with Stage 1 melanoma in June of 2002 when I was only 25 years old. My journey with skin cancer started many years prior to that, when I can remember countless sunburns as a young girl and then as a teenager and college student spending 3-5 days a week in the tanning bed. I am confident that the burns and using the tanning beds in my younger years contributed to my melanoma diagnosis.

I was recommended to a dermatologist by my general practitioner who had performed a body scan during a physical and thought a mole on my abdomen looked “irregular”. I put off going to the dermatologist for two months, but did eventually follow up. At that visit my dermatologist biopsied 2 moles, one came back atypical and the other, stage 1 melanoma. Luckily, we caught it early! I had a wide local excision to have it removed with no other treatments. From 2002-2010, I have had a total of 18 biopsies that resulted in 1 melanoma, 8 atypical moles and 3 more wide excision.

I still get annual body scans, but fortunately haven’t needed any additional biopsies, surgeries or treatments. I feel very blessed that I had a general practitioner that saw my first irregular mole and recommended I follow up with a dermatologist. That recommendation made all the difference in catching my melanoma early before it could spread.

Kelli Delgado

Assistant Director

My name is Kelli Delgado and my family has a history of skin cancer. We have been very blessed and they have all come back as basal cell carcinoma and caught very early. Each time a loved one goes in for their routine appointment it is a scary but very necessary process to keep ahead of any change or progression of cancer.

Jennifer Lemmo is a friend and has brought awareness to me during her story. I will not forget the day I received her call of the test results. She said the “C” word and then the “Melanoma” word. My heart just sunk. Not only do we think it could never happen to us but we believe our friends and family are safe, but no one is! Skin Cancer does not discriminate! I am thankful for my wake up call and that Jennifer is a survivor and helping to bring awareness through Miles Against Melanoma North Texas. Please be safe and make sure that freckle, mole, or cute beauty mark is nothing!